Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Five paintings in five days to see if I could do it. Not necessarily in any order, but I've done four desserts and one landscape, all small sizes in oil. This fruity one on the green plate is the last, finished this morning. Yes, definitely a Karen Jurick influence here, thanks to whoever had her as a link on their EDM blog. I absolutely love her work, and am trying to study it to learn to paint similarly. This one I'll call home serving, since it's the size of a slice you'd never eat at a buffet or at a restaurant, or at a friend's house, but at home...well, totally different story. It was melting as I painted it in the spotlight, but I kept popping it into the freezer for a minute here and there to firm up again. As you can see, things were sliding off the custard topping. The elclair I had a hard time with, especially the whipping cream, that's so hard to get right, I'll have to try again a couple more times to get that white and shadow right. Thanks for looking.
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shirley said...

All gorgeous! I want to eat those cupcakes - icing is my favorite food group.

Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! And you've made me mighty hungry!! Cupcakes are glorious -- such rich shadows, especially on the white topping -- but your gleam on the different plates is just SUPERB!!! Wonderful work, NEl -- all of them ... I also like the landscape a lot!

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