Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Concept for a Painting

I don't always do as I teach, but when it's a large painting, I do feel that thumbnail sketches for layout and composition are highly in order. It gives you a map anyway. The painting will be a large canvas of 24" x 36", with a gallery wrap, so it's a big piece. I start with some small marker sketches, to figure out just what looks good, for the placement of the blooms. I like the three and three look, even though it's an even number. There may be room for a seventh blossom, depending on how large I make each bloom. I also like the diagonal format, it just has a nice feel to it, and the negative space is big enough to be a relief, small enough to not look like wasted space. I like the three sides running into the wrap, off the edges. I do a second, larger sketch using the thumbnail I've chosen. Next I'll add some watercolor.

Working Out a Painting Concept

The finished painting.

Once I have an idea of the layout, the placement of shapes, and where my light source will be, I add some color. These are done with watercolor pencil, and then just loose watercolor. I haven't exactly settled on the background color, but since the painting will go on a yellow wall, I am thinking a gradated color in warm light green and cream. I will keep the background quite neutral, but warm and soft, since there will be a lot of color in the blooms. Or I may decide when it's said and done to go to a muted mauve tone, which would be a complement to the yellow wall.

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