Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cupcake Two

The Christmas cupcakes, second version, with one of the green ones included. I'm happy with this one, although the shadows are a little odd, going off and up the napkin like they did. Expecially like the frosting on the white cupcake, after scraping it off a couple of times. The papers were fun to do, since who counts the folds anyway? Just imagine them in and you're done. Thanks for looking. Posted by Picasa


Christeen said...

oh my goodness. These cupcake paintings are just make me wish I could afford to collect.

I enjoy how you've rendered those ridges of frosting, and the folds of the paper. The icing has a real sense of body to it- I can imagine, from your painting, the 'give' of the frosting if I were to press my figertip into it. Really nice color combinations- Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, this frosting just calls for a "finger dip!" Yum.

Anonymous said...

Love your cupcake paintings. Just want to reach out and have a little bite. Yummy.

Carol Kennedy

SCquiltaddict said...

These cupcakes are divine...I want to eat one:>

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