Monday, July 24, 2006

EDM No. 76 Hydrangeas

The hydrangea in our neighborhood is a three color bush, and has been calling to me for quite a few days. Simply gorgeous! I finally got out there and painted it, but had to work in the full sun to get close enough. My colors got too bright, I think, especially the green, but anybody in plein air work will advise you that this is exactly what happens when you work in full sunlight, your colors wash out. I think it needs toning down, and the sky color needs to pop out in some of the upper branches still. Oils on masonite. Any advice, now that I ignored the basic advice I had in the first place?


Lin said...

OH GOSH!! i DO LOVE THE SOFTNESS OF THIS ONE, NEL! So reminds me of a summer's day and the hydrangeas brightening the shade!! LOVE IT!

pedalpower said...

I think the colors in this are stunning....maybe I would like the sky more vivid blue.....but I love it.

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