Friday, July 07, 2006

Bone Beans For Alex

This is EDM challenge number 63, Nature Treasures. Last time I visited my grandkids, my oldest grandaughter, sweet Alex, was worried about taking a nature walk, "Oma, are we going to have to take walks and search for nature treasures?" Of course not, sweetie. Apparently I had scared her a little on a previous visit by taking them exploring on a nature trail I hadn't been on before, and it got a little wild in spots. Admitting I didn't know where the trail came out worried her more than I knew. So this one is for Alex (with no hiking involved.) I found this jawbone on a different trek, and the two pieces were both there, all naturally cleaned up. A deer I would guess, with really cool teeth. The bean pods are more mundane, but I always collect some when I find them. Done in graphite, and so relaxing, like having a coloring book at hand, to just color in between projects. It came out very silvery in the Moleskine, but I'm not sure that shows up in the photo. Don't you just love sharpened pencils? Thanks for looking.


Lin said...

SUPER SUPER, NEL!! Isn't it funny what our grandchildren 'hear' and respond to ... when I knew I was taking mine to the butterfly house, I spend 2 weekends getting them past 'bugs!' LOL CONGRATS on your sale!! ANDYES, it counts even to your cousin!! BRAVA!!! (And yes, your watercolors make me drool!! PHENOMENAL!!)

Linda T said...

Beautiful, Nel!

Deborah Lowe said...

Beautiful pencil drawing. Yes I do love sharpened pencils, and oh how nice it is to have a group of people who understand that!

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