Sunday, July 16, 2006


Bruno is a German Shepherd who belongs to a friend of mine, and was being cooperative while I drew him stretched out and sleeping on the floor. He did get up and move, but I was able to make several drawings of him. This one was done with watercolor pencils with water added later. You have to start with heads, since you aren't likely to get the whole dog done before they change their positions. I'm not sure where his other ear went, he does have two. Moleskine sketchbook. Posted by Picasa


Jana Bouc said...

Your Bruno drawings are wonderful. They really capture the weight and size of the dog. And the ear on this one is fabulous--it's perfect and I can just feel the velvety softness on the edges and the bristly shepherd fur around it.

Linda T said...

Oh, his ear! The way you captured the light and dark. Awesome!!

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