Tuesday, July 04, 2006

EDM No. 74 Clouds

I love my balcony. I've got my comfy chairs, and lots of flowers, and the finches and hummingbirds come all day long, though they complain at me when I'm sitting out there. The hummingbirds make these cute little chipping sounds, and they are so much fun to watch. One of these days I may just try a photo, see what I can get. These two are oils done while sitting out on the balcony, same view, different day, and some artistic license with the trees. We've had some gorgeous skies this week, with all the thunderstorms rolling through the Eastern seaboard. Delmarva has seen it's share of weathery weather. That's Delaware, Maryland and Virginia slang, for those of you wondering. Thanks for looking.


Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Here in NC all I'm getting for clouds is HAZE!

Sue said...

Hell's bells girl! I love your balcony! Like your description, love your take on your view.

Linda T said...

Gorgeous clouds, and I love the trees!

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