Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Second Small Landscape

Here's the second landscape that I couldn't upload last night. I guess it was too big, this photo stuff is all an awkward trial and error for me. Did you read the post on Danny Gregory's site today? So true, all this blogging and surfing is important and fun, and interactive, but like everything else, it takes time, time away from other things, like my time in the studio. I imagine that the more you do it, the quicker you get. There's always a learning curve with any new venture, but the point is moderation. And keeping priorities straight (always a trick). I want to share, but also to make sure I have creative time for my spirit, my heart. I think the post is worthwhile reading. The fan Danny draws is also a wonderful thing to see. I will try to add the link here.


Sue said...

Nel, my first visit to your site and I'm so glad I dropped in. Your lovely loose sketches are well worth the time (though I am DAYS in arears with my surfing) Must head out for a walk and a sketch soon. It's not the greatest day so I may play catch up here a bit longer.

shirley said...

Everything looks wonderful! The links are on the left - the watercolor paintings are terrific. What a great accomplishment getting everything posted and shared. Thanks and please keep sharing.

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