Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Graphitint Landscape

There's been so much talk lately on the EDM blogs about the Derwent watercolor pencils called Graphitint, so being an art supply junkie, I had to find some too. This is my first try with the pencils and water, and it's the colors. The colors are so suited to subtleties, so suited to landscapes. Very subdued colors, in this set anyway. I like them, I like them, don't give them to Mikie. (Oh, dear, guess I'm showing my age wth that little reference, but what the hey, right?) I did the drawing from a photo I took last summer.


Teri C said...

Beautiful!!!!! I may have to try these pencils also.

Joy said...

Love this one, Miss Nel! Thanks for the link to your beautiful blog. I'll come here when I need a smile and some eye candy. ;-)

Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL == love the coloring, the style - the effect!!! LOVELY !!!!

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