Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Creek

This was a very sun dazzled scene, deep shadows, and the sunlit colors washed out. I tried to get the yellow quality of the slow-moving creek water. This creek is in Hillandale, Maryland, where my nephews spent many happy and grungy hours, and coming back to Mom's house was a hard, sweaty climb up an endlessly steep hill. (Me, too, after photographs.)


Malinda said...

Lovely work!!

Nan said...

Your painting makes me want to dip my toe in the creek! The reflective surface of the water is lovely. Rocks make for nice texture, contract and design.

Anonymous said...

I live in Hillandale and wonder if this is the little stream behind the old Hillandale Elementary School, behind the homes on Mantz and is then piped under Edgewater Parkway.

Does your family have any old pictures of Hillandale? There is a real interest in the history of the neighborhood. Our neighborhood newsletter would be most interested.

Is there a way to contact you?

Anonymous said...

It looks more like Northwest Branch near the beltway bridge. I used to play in those woods about 40 years ago

Allison said...

Wonderful! The jagged rocks vs smooth water contrasts beautifully. Also love the reflection in the water.

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