Thursday, May 25, 2006

Brookside Gardens

Well, goodness, I guess I'm getting better at this photo reducing stuff. (Of course, by tomorow night, I'll have forgotten what it was exactly that I did.) This was a path through Brookside Gardens, around the little lake there. I hope to go back this weekend (three whole days, YAY!) and paint there again. The flower gardens are wonderful. A sun-dappled path, I had to do a lot of erasing to get my whites back, even though I had sprayed frisket over much of the leafy area first. The tree trunks are also done with Exacto and electric eraser. Full sheet of softer paper-Strathmore Gemini cold press. Thanks for looking.


Carmen Sidlaruk said...

I love your watercolors. The white you have left (or recovered in them) really makes them sparkle with light.

Teri C said...

Good Lord woman, these creek paintings are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! And you worry about using markers? And want to stick to blind contour? Forget it! Get those paints out and start painting!

I love these paintings!!!!!

Sue said...

Your sunlit series is STUPENDOUS!!! Are they framed and on the wall yet?

starrgirl's world said...

wow, these watercolors are fabulous! I agree with teri - you're worried about using markers? oy! Just go at it with whatever - you do great work!

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