Monday, August 21, 2006


From the paintings of food and drink, I made some sets of five notecards to sell at a small "Girl-friend's Afternoon Out" thingy I participated in with a bunch of ladies who represent and sell for different know, Mary Kay, Southern Living, jewelry, purses, etc. Anyway, the cards sold pretty well, but I have some left over. If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to sell them. Let me know through my email address,, please, if you're interested, and we can go through Paypal. It's a double set of ten cards, 2 of each image, for 15.00 (1.25 each, plus 2.50 to package and send them.) The cards are 4" x 5" in plastic sleeves, with deckle edged envelopes. I printed them at home on the Epson printer, and trimmed and folded them, so they are entirely handmade. You've seen the paintings already here, but here's a photo of the cards. Thanks for looking.

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melissa said...

GOrgeous. Have you thought of selling them on etsy? I just bought my daughter a handmade coloring book there - it's much more art friendly than ebay! Good luck. The GAO sounds like fun.

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