Thursday, August 17, 2006

EDM Challenge 79 Ear

Waiting for a nice homemade peach cobbler to bake, I was able to get my friend Robert to sit still long enough to draw his ear. This is done with carbon pencils in the Moleskine. Seems the paper in the Moleskine is particularly happy with carbon pencil, and I'll have to take advantage. There are other media which aren't as pleased with the paper, so here's a tip for everyone who uses a Moley and hasn't been happy with the watercolor or graphite work. Use carbon pencils! (Ink and marker are also good, so we adapt.) Thanks for looking. Posted by Picasa


Bonny said...

Hi Nelda; I think your ear drawing is really good! The shading really brings out the dimensionality of it and makes it more realistic than others I have seen. Haven't tried this one myself.

pacoandfriends said...

Luv the shading, it's nice and smooth and gives a 3d effect. Very nice

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