Friday, June 02, 2006

Caroline's Permission

Caroline Jasper is one of my favorite painters, and a lovely human being and teacher to boot. Since I've decided to take oils back up, I have begun by simply copying the work of some painters that I like, Caroline among them. This way the composition is worked out, and I can concentrate on technique and color mixing, rather than having to be concerned with everything at once. I recently finished a very "growing" painting copied from one of Caroline's pieces. (In that, I feel like I learned a lot.) The paintings that I copy I give away, and sign them with my initials and after that "after Caroline Jasper" (or whoever) right on the front. This way the artist is given credit, and the recipient is happy too. In this case, my son, who likes the way this one turned out. I wrote to Caroline, and she gave me permission to post this for you. Here is the URL to her web site and this particular painting, which is really a neat piece called Trail Lights:, so you can see her original. Her book is wonderful also, which is posted here on her site: Enjoy!

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Mieke said...

Oh Ma! Thats beautiful! I want one too! ME TOO!!! ME TOOO!!!!! How about something like that for me Bday?

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