Saturday, May 17, 2014

Slow Down, Look for Details

Tommy Kane was the last week's teacher. His work is just delightful, and the REAL theme for the week was FUN! He demoed how to draw very slowly, but directly (mistakes and all) with pen, looking for more and more details; then he goes back and does watercolor and colored pencils overtop. The assignment was to draw our kitchen, but since I don't have one, I just drew around the townhouse. Outside from the deck, my view from the couch, sitting across from some of the townhouses. It's just a really FUN way to draw.

Tommy has a rule: always finish a drawing that you start. Warts and all. And judging from the homework that was tunred in, a lot of folks persisted on drawings they normally would have abandoned, and were delighted with their results.

Overall, the Sketchbook Skool was a huge success. I truly enjoyed every week of it, it went by SO fast.
There is a repeat of this course in July (class 1), and another semester starting the same day (class 2.)

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