Monday, May 05, 2014

Roz Stendahl, Sketchbook Skool

This week we have the inestimable (Merriam Webster: too valuable or excellent to be measured or appreciated) Roz Stehdahl as our teacher in Sketchbook Skool. (I must admit that it has my mind going in twelve directions at once. It's Spring and nice out so I want to plein air paint, I want to try gouache as a painting medium, I want to play with Schmincke paints, both watercolors and gouache, I want to....draw birds, animals and insects...there's just soooo much information in the blog and website from Roz, I want to read it all...) Oh, here's the blog URL: Roz Wound Up 

And from there you can get to the website: Roz Works.

Anyway, the demo was on drawing from a live animal, in this instance a bird. I watched the video a bunch of times, and studied the bird, did some gesture drawings, and then found a pose I liked and did that one with watercolor. Still want to sketch the upstairs neighbor's dogs this week.

 Doing the gesture drawings really helps with moving models. I numbered mine to remind myself of how much better my observations got as I went on.

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