Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thumbnails Bowl with Stripes

Thumbnails for Painting

I'm not sure if you can actually make these out, but they are thumbnails for a painting I'm starting. I was trying to work out the placement of the subject mater in a square format. The first sketches showed me three ideas I didn't like. Bowl too centered, bowl too small in the format, main fold of the fabric too much in the center. The bottom sketches come closer for me, with the darkest and last one being the one I'm using for the layout of the painting. I really don't take the time to do these little sketches as often as I should, but when I do, they really help avoid drawing and design problems later on down the line. I'll add the painting to this post later if I can figure out how (I think you just do "edit post.")

Here's the painting done, two days later.
The composition is pretty strong, and I think that's because of the thumbnails.

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Allison said...

Beautiful-love the stripes. When i make cloth patterns it comes out irregular and distracting! But you got it down well!

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