Friday, November 07, 2008

Iris Face

Iris Face, watercolor on Arches rough scrap, 6" x 6"

A small watercolor today. I was thinking about good brushes as I did this one, since I have a couple of really, really good brushes for watercolor, and I didn't use one yesterday. Today I did, and what a difference it makes. I am convinced that for watercolors, paper and brushes are the key. For oils it's good brushes and the surface. Linen (yum) is my favorite, of course. And stretched linen is the nicest bouncy surface to work on. I haven't gotten to the point where the quality of the paints makes much difference to me, whether it's top drawer brands or the student grades. I know a lot of artists have their favorites, but at this point I haven't gotten fussy about that yet.

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