Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Painting Pink Poppies Large

I have completed a set of two oil paintings of pink poppies, (see several posts below) and given the posts of the process, step by step, below. I had originally put this notice at the first (last) post, but as all you bloggers know, you have to type and post in reverse order. So now I can say "below."

Steps One and Two: The commission, Preparation, Planning, Collecting.

This is actually where the main work occurs. The request is made, and sizes are determined, colors and subject matter are chosen by the collector. You order your canvas, get color swatches from the collector, start looking for reference photos online, start playing with colors and shapes, thumbnails and watercolors. I sent my lady a couple of ideas, and she gave me good, clear directions about her color choices. She chose the pinkish-oranges, taupe, ivory and greens. Since I would have reached (and did in the sketching stage), for the blues and purples, it was good to know she didn't love those two colors. I ordered some pink oil paints and got a couple of large tubes of white. Then I procrastinated. For a long time. The collector was sooooo understanding. Then I got tired of knowing I still needed to get to these, and did them. Yay!

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