Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bugs and Peanuts

Since all my art supplies for my daily painting were packed away, to make room on my tables to put boxes up and off the floor (anticipating some flooding from Ike), I played with my pen and inks, some pencils and watercolors to do some small sketches. The EDM challenge last week was "peanuts" and so I did a few sketches of those. The kids have been collecting dead bugs for me for awhile, thinking that I'd like to paint them, so I did a few of those as well. Click on any image to see it larger.


Ann said...

I love the bugs! Hope you do use them as painting subjects!

Sandy said...

First of all, glad Ike did not flood you!!!! Second, what gorgous fruts posted earlier!!! and Third, I love these dead bugs, so soft and lovingly rendered and your Peanuts are Perfection!!! Nice blog!

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