Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Avocados in Watercolor

January's theme for my drawing is fruits and veggies, very doable, so I put it first. I've finished my daily painting, and this was a fun quick study for the themed work. I bought Rober Wade's DVD, Wade's Watercolor Solutions, and in it he shows how to do dry brush work (it's a wonderful DVD, by the by) so used that technique here. I think it works on the center and left avocados, while the right one (maybe a drawing problem?) looks more like a mini-watermelon. Oh, well, two out of three isn't bad, and I am happy with the shadows. Done on 140 lb. coldpress Arhes paper. Thanks for looking. Keep sketching, everyone.


b_p_jansen said...

Hey Aunt Nel!
Your work looks great! Thanks for sharing your talents with us all. I could probably eat a couple of those avacados right now. Maybe with a little salt and lemon juice??? Yum. Love you,

Lin said...

They look fantastic, Nel! Rich colors -- and a bit painterly -- my favorite look!

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