Monday, September 18, 2006

Fun New Tool

Kuratake puts out a wonderful brush pen with cartridges of water soluble ink. I especially like the narrow base of the pen, a little wider than say, a Bic. I have the Lamy Safari, but often don't grab it to use, simply because it is so broad, big in the hand. This one is a really nice size, and very lightweight. Because it is a brush, you can vary the weight of the line, from hairline with very little pressure to broad strokes for shadows. The ink is nice and black. Then go back and add water to the lines to pull out some grays. Very nice tool. Here's a little study I did last night from some sunflowers from Butler's Orchard, a local orchard where you can pick your own: raspberries, flowers, apples, strawberries in season, etc. Other neat stuff, like hayrides and a corn maze, a nice little pond. Our painting class has been gathering there lately.


Ujwala said...

This looks wonderful and Kuretake brush sounds good too. I have the Pentel Aquash brush pen and it's pretty good too - has black waterproof ink though. I must pull it out of storage and use it some more. I had filled a second one with a mix of brown drawing ink and water for a shade of sepia. didnt get the right shade and didnt try to correct it either. hmmmm... but no tool helps to get it right :D

Nan said...

Beautiful result Nel! Does this mean I can now shop for another toy to add to my collection? The Kuretake brush sounds like a must have. Love that it can be controlled, fine, or broad. Wonderful flowers petals on this ink rendering!

jill said...

really LOVE this picture. i'm not sure i could do this myself, but it certainly sounds and looks tempting. i might just have to try it out -- especially if i thought i could get some results like that!


Anonymous said...

Hi I can't seem to get my new Kuretake brush refill in. Any suggestions, please?

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