Saturday, February 13, 2010

Metro Riders, February

Metro riders, winter 2010. The Borders on the corner of our building downtown had both Moleskeins ($18.00) and this new sketchbook
called a Piccadilly at $4.00. Hmmm, think I'll try the cheaper one, I thought. And even though the paper is thinner, and there is some bleed through with ink sketches, it feels so luxurious to not care much about how much paper you go through. I've been trying to do three or four sketches every ride, and the following posts are some that turned out well enough to post.


E*phi said...

I admire you for your ability of capturing the personality of people "just" with a few lines! Really awesome sketches!
I wish I could do that too. I tried once in a café but the results were insulting ;D

Janene said...

All of your Metro sketches are excellent, but I especially enjoy the ones with the dabs of watercolor.

curiouscrow said...

I agree with you about cheaper paper - I believe quantity makes for quality - and these are quality - nicely captured

raena said...

These are fabulous!! I tried to find where I could follow your blog, but all I see is that bloglines thing. I've never used bloglines, and I just set up an account. Is this a place I have to go to see my subscriptions, or will they send me an email when you update?? I really enjoyed being here!

Alex said...

beautiful sketches!

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