Monday, February 04, 2008

Village and Cows

Edge of the mirror, used to reflect a tree and fields.

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This is the main wall of the powder room, which runs the full length of the room. Here I put a village in the distance, and the cows under some shade trees. This is the first view as you walk into the bathroom. Below this are a line of field flowers along the bottom of the wall.
Day Four: Painted the wildflowers, mostly daiseys around the bottom of the wall, and finished up the tree work. Cleaned up, replaced all hardware, got paid! If you're thinking of doing a mural, and you have any questions, it's fresh in my mind and I'd be glad to help as much as I can.
Overall, it was a very interesting project, easier than I anticipated. The up and down the ladder, and the squatting on the floor part, well... and maybe the being in a little tiny powder room for a bunch of hours, but overall, I'm really glad that I took it on, and even better, the homeowner was incredibly pleased. Thanks for looking.

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