Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oil Landscape

Working in oils is a challenge and a pleasure, entirely different from watercolors, and just as much fun. I love both, but have to really scratch my head when I switch back and forth. This photo is pretty blurry, but it does show the idea of trying to think in terms of shapes, values and color notes, a la Kevin Macpherson. His new book about oil painting looks just terrific, Landscape Painting Inside and Out. Can't wait to get into it reading and studying.


Ujwala said...

Nel these are beautiful. I'm struggling with values. I have 3 books to start work on and Kevin MacPherson's book is one of them. The other two are Charles Sovek's "Oil Painting - Develop your natural ability" and Nita Leland's "Exploring Colors" I hope you wont mind if I'm back to match notes with you? :P

Lin said...

AWESOME! Colors, perspective ... rich and inviting!!!

SCquiltaddict said...

Beautiful..oils or wc??? oils right...great job!!:>

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