Thursday, October 12, 2006

City Monkey

Visiting at my daughter's in Massachusetts, helping out with the four grands while her DH is out of state for work training. Gorgeous fall colors, maples all firey orange, reds and yellows. But had to do a quick watercolor pencil drawing of city monkey, my grandson Max's second best monkey. Country monkey was taking a nap with Max, so not available for posing. The oils are on hold while I'm away from home, but have been doing some artwork with the grands, and loving just being with them. Did bring my camera and some watercolors, so I'll see what I can do. Thanks for looking.


Lin said...

SO NEAT, Nel!! I do love visiting your blog!

Nora said...

Hello to all the Natales and Happy Fall wishes to my aunt! Did Dad tell you that I met a third cousin here out in arizona by accident at a work function??? Her great-grandparents were the same after we got started talking about dairies! Much love to everyone...enjoy your visit

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